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Voice acting is so much fun, but when you're first starting out it can feel really overwhelming...

What equipment do you need? How do you warm up your voice? How much acting training do you need? 

Hi, I'm Sarah and I have been doing voice overs professionally for 5 years now. I started out doing small voice acting jobs from my home in Colorado.

Today, I'm living in Hollywood and am represented by an amazing voice acting agent, Imperium 7. I get to go in and read for Disney, DreamWorks, the Cartoon Network, and beyond. It's the best!

I also have a true passion for teaching and want every voice actor to find success in this profession. So let's schedule a coaching call and I'll help you get through the barriers that are currently holding you back, whatever they may be.

I can help you:

  • Strengthen your voice so you can handle those longer auditions
  • Create characters that are fun and stand out to casting directors
  • Build your home voice acting studio without spending a fortune on gear
  • Decide which field of voice acting to go into, depending on your unique abilities
  • Navigate the craziness that is Hollywood and what's required to make it here as a voice actor
  • How to suround yourself with the best people in the industry

We'll determine where you're at right now and then help you where you need it most.


  1. Use the calendar below to find a 45-minute time slot that works for you.
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  3. At your scheduled time, we'll do a video chat on Skype and have an awesome 45-minute session!

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Can't wait to help you step up your voice acting game!

- Sarah