The Best Thing About Learning To Laugh At Yourself


Mistakes happen, we are human for crying out loud. I used to go into the audition booth trying to make everything perfect. If it wasn't perfect or didn't go exactly how I envisioned it in my head I would beat myself up mentally.

To be honest with you I think I made so many mistakes that I just stopped caring. Of course not in the sense of the work, I always care about the work. But in the sense of looking like a fool in front of others.  I stopped caring in the about how I thought things "should" go, I quit over planning and opened myself up. I am now fully in the moment with whatever material I am required to deliver, and because of that wonderful and creative surprises come out. 

How cool is that?

Now when I leave an audition I feel fulfilled and like I did a good job, it's fun and refreshing even if it wasn't "perfect". 

Hey, let's be honest, not one really wants perfect anyway. Perfect is boring.

To send you off here is a video of me and my booth director losing it over some really funny material.