Voice Acting Lessons From Lucille Ball

I met up with a fellow voice actor the other day over coffee and she had me listen to her demo.

Well, her demo was awesome! She played to her strengths, the copy was short and entertaining and she showcased that she could pull off a wide variety of character voices!

We love versatility! 

We love funny!

We love it when things move along... quickly! ;)

But, these was one slight thing that I could not get passed...


"Has most of your acting training/experience been in theater?" I asked.

Slightly shocked she said yes and asked how I knew.

Although I could tell that she had experience and that she was a good actor, her acting was very broad and showy. When you do theater you have to act so that the back of the room can hear you and understand what you are doing, this can take a different skill set than acting on a mic or for the camera.

The mic and the camera pick up everything, it is important that you believe what you are doing more than try to show it.

Look at Lucille Ball in I love Lucy, all of the situations she finds herself in are completely absurd but we always believe her and she made it work because she is such an amazing actress.

Many times when you are auditioning for animation the copy is very heightened and situations that you find yourself in are bonkers but you still have to be believable. 

I recommended that she see a voice acting coach so that she take all of those fabulous theater skills and tailor her acting for the mic!

If you have some extra time watch I Love Lucy and see for yourself how she makes all of those crazy scenarios work!