Top 5 VO Myth's


Hey! You want to be a voice actor? 

Lets get some of those initial myths and fears out of the way!


Myth # 1 " I can do celebrity impressions make funny voices therefor I will make a great voice actor".

It's great that you can do that and maybe your one of those people who is told that they have a great voice and should get into voice acting but all of that will not get you anywhere if you do not know how to act. If you want to be a voice ACTOR than you should be working on your acting skills. If you are not believable in the character than you will not book the job.  The best solution to this of course are acting classes and if you are interested in animation a killer skill to have is improv.  Taking improv classes have been crucial for me in being able to bring versatility and freshness into the audition room... or booth :)

Myth #2 "It's impossible to break in"

Okay, I'm not going to say that it is an easy road without challenges and rejection because it definitely is not. But it is also true that casting directors are always looking for fresh new voices. Now with so many new platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube Red and video game apps there is more content being made now than ever. Which means more opportunities for you!

Yes there is lots of competition but there is only one you.

Myth #3 " I need a fancy home studio set up before I can get started"

Don't put the carriage before the horse. When you are first starting out you want to focus on developing your skills. What is the point of spending money on all the best equipment if you don't have what it takes to book.

Stay in your acting and voice over classes.  My first home studio cost a whopping 200 dollars and I was able to book small jobs off of it and still use it to audition in Hollywood. I bought a USB condensor mic, a small preamp, Audacity for my software and I set up in a closet where it is sound proof.

Myth #4 " I just need an agent and then I'm set"

Hold up there! Yes, getting an agent is incredibly exciting and a huge stepping stone in your career. I trained and worked small jobs for a few years before moving to Los Angeles and auditioning here. Los Angeles is the Olympics of acting, the better the opportunities the tougher the competition. 

Agents love to know that you are constantly working on your craft and remember they only get 10 % which means you should be doing 90% of the work.

Myth #5 " You just go in and read".

Don't fall into this trap! I cannot tell you how many times in acting classes I have heard someone brand new to acting read a few lines in a script and then heard a seasoned actor read the same few lines... HUGE DIFFERENCE.

It takes skill and talent to be able to give a bookable full fledged, dynamic and entertaining read. With the amount of competition and the volume of submissions on each casting your read need to POP in order to get you noticed.