How You Can Up Your Voice Acting Game With A Clown Class

Pro Tip: Innocence When Voicing A Child

One of the unique challenges I face when voicing a child is to capture the innocence. Okay, let me explain, and if you have seen any animation lately you can attest to this; the script are hilarious and cleverly written. Even shows targeted to children have sophisticated humor in them but if you are voicing a child you have to get into the mentality of the age of your character is.

You might get the voice right but you also have to approach the dialogue with the age with the innocence that matches. It definitely helps if you have children around you, observe how they interact with others and how they approach the world around them. Even if the jokes are written in the script the character usually doesn't know they are telling a joke, they are just innocently reacting to the world around them.

Go through your script discovering everything for the first time with the innocence and wonderment appropriate for the age of the character. Lead with your inner child!

So a few months ago I went to clown school. Yes, you read that correctly, I went to CLOWN SCHOOL. It was a six week program out in the suburbs somewhere in LA. 

Here is my proof!

Screenshot 2017-11-12 20.26.53.png

I thought in the beginning that my biggest take away from clown school would be a few new physical comedy gags up my sleeve but I left with something much cooler.

When you are in clown mode you are your inner child, you are totally in a present state, you are discovering everything for the first time, it's all brand new. You are curious and playful, you lead with innocence and always have the best intentions. Clowns have no regret, thought of the past of fear of the future. Clowns are always the part of themselves that never grew up. they make mistakes and get right back up, and always have persistant and unwavering hope despite the obstacles.

Clowns have no fear or regard for what others think, they are to busy being curious much like our characters who are children.